Answer of all your questions.

1. What age group does the program cater to ?

We cater to the age bracket of 7 years to 18years of age.

2. What is the duration of the session?

The session is for 3 months (One class per week) so ideally for 12 weeks. The last class is generally a Grand Finale show held in the form of a contest where all the kids perform in front of the public, parents, relatives and friends.

3. Do you give any discounts to siblings? Why not ?

We don’t offer any discounts or early bird offers. The course fee has been decided keeping in mind the escalating costs of having trained facilitators , updation of study materials and best in industry faculty. This is a life changing course for the participants and we do not practice price cutting or dual standards in our policies.

4. If my child gets disinterested in mid session or after 2 classes then ?

We have not experienced this situation before. In case the student is not interested till up to 2 weeks of enrolment we can offer a refund of 75% of the fees. Alternatively the registration can be transferred to some other child. No refunds after 2 weeks

5. How can I get feedback on my child in mid session?

A parent is most welcome to come and meet the trainers anytime during the running of the course . We would be sending out individual feedback after 6 classes to the parents.

6. How can you cater to 7 to 18 together… My child is much older / younger age bracket ?

Generally it is seen that grown up kids have lots of offer to the younger ones in terms of their maturity, depth of understanding and reasoning. On the other hand the younger minds are devoid of any inhibitions and filters because of which they don’t hold back while speaking. Hence kids both young and old ones have lots to share and learn from each other. Also parents need to know that all our feedbacks and suggestions are given to kids on an individual basis and has nothing to do with the performance of other tribe members. The kids are encouraged not to compete with each other and if there need be any competition it should be with one’s own self.

During the finale the juniors and seniors are separated for scoring and evaluation.

7. What changes will this session bring in my child?

We do not promise that your child will become a world class orator in 3 months. But yes, he/she will learn the nuances of public speaking , will not shy away from the stage and will know the technicalities of public speaking.

After this stage it’s all about practice, the more the child practices the better he/she gets.