3 Months Training Program

Week 1: Speak with Confidence

  • Stage Fright
  • Stage Presence
  • Stage Play and Movement
  • Eye Contact

Weeks 2-4: Power of Body Language

  • Learn What Every Action Could Mean to Our Subconscious Mind
  • Get Assertive With Your Delivery
  • Be Charismatic
  • Complement Your Words With Gesture
  • Learn When to Smile

Weeks 5-7: Harness Your Vocal Variety

  • Release Your Voice in Full Throttle
  • Charm Your Audience
  • Be an Interesting Storyteller

Weeks 8-9: Your Audience

  • Learn How to Read Others’ Mind and Body
  • Channelize Your Thoughts For Maximum Results

Weeks 10-12: Prepare to Win

  • Learn Tricks For Before and After Your Speech
  • Learn How to Prepare Well
  • Dress to Your Advantage
  • Mock Contest Preparation
  • Speech Contest and Awards